Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tips for Maximizing iPad Effectiveness for Product Promotion and Education

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Today's guest post comes from Noël Ashekian, Marketing Communications Manager at Viscira. She can be reached at

With physicians being among the biggest adopters of the Apple iPad, it is no surprise that it has become a key part of a pharma sales rep’s toolkit. A 2012 Manhattan Research report confirmed that 65 percent of “ePharma” docs who met face-to-face with pharma salespeople used an iPad, representing an increase from 30 percent in 2011.

Given the growing use of the iPad by pharma reps as a means to interact with HCPs, we thought it would be helpful to provide pharma brand marketing managers with a couple of helpful tips for maximizing the effectiveness of the iPad for product promotion and education, and to include some specific examples:

1. Recognize the iPad as a platform for delivering rich, immersive user experiences – The iPad should not be used merely as an outlet for brochureware. Instead, the objective should be to seamlessly bring together and integrate ALL the different types of dynamic content and functionality for the device, like 3D animation, video, motion graphics, and robust interactivity, to create immersive experiences that both educate and entertain.

One example of this is a disease education sales aid app that Viscira developed for a top-five pharma company. One of the goals was to develop a tool that the client’s field sales force could use to educate oncology HCPS about the histological characteristics of an aggressive type of breast cancer and the HER2 biomarker. We created an app that included a 3D representation of a breast cancer tumor that the user was able to manipulate in various ways, and one that allowed the user to view cross-sections and biopsies of the tumor. This app fully leveraged the device’s functionality to create an immersive and educational experience for the user. To read the case study in its entirety, please click on this link.

 2. Leverage the unique capabilities of the device – The iPad has some unique features that have never been seen on any digital device before, and these features should be leveraged when developing product promotional and educational tools. For example, the gyroscoping capabilities of the iPad together with the device’s accelerometer improves motion sensing accuracy and allows the iPad to measure which direction it is moving/rotating in space, how much, and how fast.

One example of utilizing this feature is how Viscira integrated real-time 3D gaming software into an interactive iPad-based sales tool that leveraged the iPad’s built-in gyroscope. Our innovation allows the user to control their viewing perspective in a fully immersive 3D cellular environment – all just by holding and moving the iPad in space! In essence, the user can interact with a particular molecule and manipulate that molecule, thereby triggering different 3D animation segments.

These examples explore some of the unique ways in which the iPad can be used to help tell a story that is both educational and entertaining.

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