Monday, March 4, 2013

#ePharma 2013: DMD Presents: Creating Effective Email Marketing Strategies

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DMD Attendees collaborating during
morning workshop.
This morning kicked off with a workshop presentation from DMD focusing on the importance of a well written email.  The transition of print straight to a web page design doesn't work. A call to action and the important information should be featured above the fold.  Best emails consider how the information will be displayed both on a mobile device and on a desktop.  DMD also focused on the fact that the majority of readers are viewing email on a mobile device were pictures are frequently  not displayed.

The next thing companies should know about their readers is that the majority of email is opened within a short time of the launch, so audience profiles and when and where they read their email can be an important piece of the puzzle.  As audiences are transitioning from computers to mobile devices, everything should be rendered for mobile interaction including the webpage.

DMD closed with their five quick tips for email marketing:
  • Speed kills.How long does it take to render your email and will your audience stay around to read it?
  • Size matters. Think small and concise information at the top of the small portion seen by the audience at first glance is appealing to the audience.
  • Text is critical.  Convey your message via text not pictures.
  • Design for mobile.  That's how your audience is checking their email.

Later on in the afternoon during the Social Media Landscape: Insights Roundtable with Mark Bard, Digital Health Coalition; Tina Sampath, Gilead; David Blair, Google; and Jay Goldman, Klick they took a look at a few of the things that Pharma companies should consider when tackling the other part of their digital strategy - social media. They delivered five key questions:
  1. What are you trying to accomplish?
  2. Who are you targeting?
  3. What do you want them to do?
  4. What outcomes are you achieving?
  5. How will you measure it?
Followed by these considerations for social content: 
  1. What kind of experience are you creating?
  2. Is it remarkable?
  3. Are you prepared to manage the dynamic platform?
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