Monday, March 4, 2013

ePharma Day 1: Multi-Channel Immersion Program for Brand Managers

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We're halfway through the first day of the 12th Annual ePharma Summit, and so far we've covered everything from mobile health to consumer profiling.

David Gayes,Group Marketing Manager, Interactive Marketing, Roche Diagnostics kicked off our first session: Harness the Power of Digital to Amplify Existing Marketing Efforts. Gayes highlighted the top 3 benefits of digital marketing: hyper-focused, measurable, flexible. Seeing organizations change, and being able to adapt to these changes is what makes digital marketing so great. Another benefit of digital marketing? "It's cost efficient, not cheap," said Gayes who began his career as a traditional marketer. Other session highlights included the benefit of personalizing the digital experience, as well as the advantages of expanding your reach through social networks. Closing words, "Partner up, stay informed, reach out, got data?, go mobile, stand up."

Our second speaker, Charu Chaturvedi, Senior Vice President, Life Sciences, Affinnova tackled Message Malpractice: Dramatically Improve the Effect of Your Customer Campaigns. "We can personalize our messaging like never before," said Chaturvedi. Highlighting evolutionary algorithms and behavioral econmics, Chaturvedi went on to discuss the importance of a 'natural enjoyment' process when creating engagement. Chaturvedi also discussed strategy of digital marketing, explaining that it starts with many ideas, not just one, and that there's also a selection process, and ultimately, all of theses ideas can be measured so you can see what works and what doesn't.

 After our first break, Chris Neuner, Executive Vice President, Product & Marketing,Quality Health lead our next session, The Future of Consumer Profiling: Developments in How to Predict Who is Your Most Likely Customer. "Why consumer profiling? Less waste, more efficient," said Neuner. Consumer profiling comes down to Consumer Value vs. Consumer Privacy, as well as direct, declared, and derived data. He concluded with the difference between transaction based profiling, explicit profiling, and contextual targeting, listing the differences and importance of each. "Something tells me there is going to be something about Big Data," said Neuner and I couldn't agree more.

The last speaker for our morning session was Todd Kolm, who covered: Using Mobile to Build Relevance and Engagement with Consumers and Patients. Kolm highlighted the three pillars of mobile: experience, immediacy, and simplicity. Mobile devices are evolving with us, so much in fact that Kolm stated that there are more mobile phones in the U.S. than people. Kolm also highlighted that just because the engagement is there does not mean each performance shouldn't be 100% every time and that's why the need to build mobile-optimized sites is there. These sites can especially increase patient engagement, and also give patients the tools they need to help them make better decisions about their health.

 We're looking forward to the the second part of day 1, for more information follow us on twitter @ePharma!
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