Monday, March 4, 2013

#ePharma Day 1: Multi-Channel Immersion Program for Brand Managers Part 2

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Events can be stressful, regardless of the topic, and today after lunch we fell into crisis mode at the ePharma Summit.

This 'Mock Crisis' session, Preparing for a Social Media Crisis: A Live Firebell Simulation, lead by Stacey Bernstein, Weber Shandwick. If that wasn't clear, there wasn't an actual crisis, more of a 'how to' for a 'what if' kind of situation. Weber Shanwick covered the basic fact that today, everyone is a journalist. Social Media allows you to distribute information in seconds, to millions of people all over the world. Take an adverse reaction for instance, if you use the right hashtag or keyword this kind of thing could go viral in just minutes. So what do you do? How do you react? Or more importantly, do you react? The panel covered everything from timely responses to the degree of impact the internet could have on your product. The panel was both creative and informative and thanks to social media, I can say that I'm sure others agree.

Sean Moloney, Co-Founder & CEO, Dramatic Health lead our second to last session, Watch This! Leverage Interactive Video to Impact Targeted Health Behaviors and Drive Prescriptions. How do you create the most effective video to build your brand? The key components: setting, conflict, and resolution. Connecting on an emotional level with viewers surpasses any type of picture or visual in the video. What makes a great film? "There are two things that make a great documentary film, subject selection and great interviewing," said Moloney.

Our last speaker of day one featured Lionel Carrasco, Founder & CEO, Leapfactor, on How Pharma Sales Forces Can Better Engage HCPs through Mobile Apps. The recipe for mobile engagement? Content through tasks in context based analysis. "Most of your target audience is already connected," said Carrasco. Remember when you're creating this apps that HCP's are using the same mediums, they're people, just like you.
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