Tuesday, March 5, 2013

#ePharma Day 2 : Future of Professional Promotion & More..

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Sanjay Pingle lead our afternoon session: The Future of Professional Promotion with Less Time, Less Access and Less Control over Prescribed Medications. We are well aware that our healthcare system is changing. But what does that mean exactly? Who will this effect? And what can we do to move forward? Those are just a few topics that this panel covered. First, the notion of less private based practices in the future. With larger practices, or hospital based systems, patient adherence is something that must increase, immensely. Another big component? Better Apps. Pharma needs to rebrand themselves in order to engage with consumers. Another trending topic that we continue is see is education not only patients anymore, but doctors as well. When trying to expand you customer base, its both HOW and WHO we contact that will get the message across. And lastly, the role of PBMs is changings, as well as the need for partnering with stakeholders. Why? Because big companies make decisions based on finances.

Our last session of the day, Patients, Prescriptions and Prevention: How Americans Use the Internet to Improve Outcomes  lead by John Mangano, VP, comScore.  This session covered topics from internet trends and health advertising, as well as big data. The most important thing is not in fact the apps that you are using, but the devices you're using. These devices enable you to access cloud, they are a conduit, a catalyst for measurement and highly important for moving forward in our digital future.

That's it for Day 2! Check back tomorrow with updates of the final day of the 12th Annual ePharma Summit. See you then!

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