Tuesday, March 5, 2013

#ePharma Day 2 : Mobile Healthcare

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The second half of the ePharma morning session started with a panel on serving Mobile Healthcare Customers lead by Joe Shields. Panelists included: Chris Crichton, Vice President, 5th Finger, A Merkle Company Sharon DeBacco, senior Director, Customer Communications & Operations, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals Scott Wolf, Chief sales Officer, Everyday Health. The panel covered topics such as – Is the mobile patient a moving target? What are the needs of the patient? Have these devices changed the pathway of a patient? The panel also covered the importance of educating the regulatory professionals, people who work on the front line. As well as the possibility of MD's prescribing mobile tools for the future. The most important information you can have regarding mHealth? Understanding the patients needs. More and more patients are becoming engaged and its important that we supply them with the information they find useful and informative.

 Our second Moderator was James Chase, Editor, MM&M, who lead the panel along with Amy West, Novo Nordisk & Peter Newman, gcgCONNECT. Sound advice from their panel? Data drove decision making. Next up was Brenda Raphael, Vice President, US Marketing, Vaccines, Pfizer covering Digital Launch. The session covered topics such as, how do you get to scale? And can you get a good ROI? And lastly, nontraditional ways to engage. When trying to reach a physician, time is of the essence. We concluded the morning session with Emily Schaller, Founder, Rock CF Foundation on Healthier Patients as a Result of New Technologies…What You Do Matters. Schaller is living proof that you can live your life with cystic fibrosis. Through engagement and positivity she has been able to not only spread her message, but help influence others.

 Track sessions begin after lunch, which one are you heading to? Make sure to follow us on twitter @ePharma!
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