Wednesday, March 6, 2013

#ePharma Day 3: Real time data and how we can use it to transform our industry

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Day 3 of ePharma, kicked off with event Co-Chair, Peter Dannenfelser, Director of Marketing, Digital North America, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, who shared 10 Things You Should Do As Soon As You Get Back To Your Office 

10. Pay attention to your Linkedin profile
9. Carpe Datum (seize the data!)
8. Be an Internal Thought Leader
7. Incremental Seismic Change
6. Fill that high blood pressure script
5. Make it fun!
4. Make a friend in legal & regulatory
3. Be ready to talk about Big Data
2. Change the conversation
1. Take a Risk

You can follow him on twitter @PeteDTweets

Our second speaker, Dan Lyons, Former Contributing Editor, Newsweek; Founder, The Secret Diary of Fake Steve Jobs, spoke about The Social-Mobile Revolution.

Lyons covered three main points, a new mass medium is emerging, a new internet is emerging, and advertising. Comparing the internet as the 'TV' of our age, with weekly memes and apps as short lived television shows, and a more interactive audience. Also, that tech is personal, it's becoming a part of us, even wearable devices are starting to create a buzz. Lyons also made the point that media is something that defines, shapes, and reflects our culture, when a medium changes, our culture changes. Think outside the box when it comes to advertising, stop trying to create a campaign based on how it will 'work' on the device. Rather, think of what and how the device is used for first.  And remember the golden rule of the internet, cats always win.

Patricia MacWilliams, Head of Healthcare, Google, lead our first panel of the day: Leverage Real-Time Data to Build Timely, Valuable and Targeted Content in Pharma.

Panelists included:

Scott Wearley, Manager, Relationship Marketing, Daiichi Sankyo, Inc. 
Matt Barry, Assistant Director, CLP Operations, Astellas Pharma 
R.J. Lewis, President & CEO, eHealthcare Solutions
Mickey Lynch, Associate Director, Integrated Marketing, Shire Pharmaceuticals
Bob Harrell, Vice President, Marketing, Appature 

The data being collected serves value to our brands, however, it's easy to get stuck in the integration stage, so where is Pharma in terms of using data? And what data is needed to answer questions? These are just a few topics that this panel covered. As well as using cloud based software/systems to build programs and optimize. Another important topic the panel discussed was that physicians don't need that much information, just the basics. Something that can be easily forgotten with all the various type of information we have access to. Perhaps one of the most useful tips to take away is that listening to your customers will help create informative pieces that will drive value. So rather than drown them with information, listen to see what is working, this will also help to create a more personal experience. Leverage the information to change behavior.

 The session was ended by asking the panel, 'What should we start, keep, and stop doing?'.Stop doing things that you know don’t work, divert your attention elsewhere. Continue to look for ways to integrate your promotional channels. Tailor things to fit the needs, fit the device. Continue exploring and start with the end in mind. Stop thinking about ourselves, think about our customers. And finally, continue to build skills through exploration.

Our next session- Translating Big Data to Action: Lessons Learned from AMEX was lead by Christopher J. Frank, VP in the Global MarketPlace Insights, American Express; Author, Drinking from the Fire Hose: Making Smarter Decisions without Drowning in Information and Paul Magnone, VP, Business Development & Alliances, Openet; Author, Drinking from the Fire Hose: Making Smarter Decisions without Drowning in Information. This session covered the mystery topic, Big Data. More specifically, where is it going next? Big Data is about driving information to help solve a problem, but which form is right for you? First, you must identify your companies goal and then remember volume, variety, and velocity. Next, what business needs are you addressing? By implementing the 5 shifts of change: rise, shift, transformation, evolution, research, you will have the platform to create data that is both useful and valuable for your company.

 James Chase, Editor, MM&M, wrapped up our morning with: MM&M Anatomy of an Award Winning Campaign, which focused on the importance of  'helping' not 'selling' when it comes to digital health. Informative, accurate, organized information is key!

We're halfway through the last day of the 12th Annual ePharma Summit, remember to follow us on twitter @ePharma!
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