Thursday, March 14, 2013

Is your brand site optimized for mobile?

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Recently in coordination with the SmartPhone revolution  Pfizer found out that a growing number of individuals were visiting their brand websites through a mobile device, but that their brand webpages weren't optimized to be seen on a mobile device.  Only three of the top 25 branded Pharma websites were mobile ready in December 2011.  Beyond the Pill shared that in a presentation last week at the ePharma Summit, they shared that in order to meet the expectations of their consumers, they launched 10 mobile websites.  They ultimately changed their webpages because they believed that consumers shouldn't have less of a consumer experience and have changed their webpages to fit that.

One of the most interesting parts of the article was when the author Mark Tosh asked how quickly you can change to meet the expectations of their customers?  Pfizer saw an unmet need and changed to meet the needs of theirs.  As a result, they could gain more engagement from their consumers while their consumers benefited more from the display method of the branded webpages.

Do you have your brand pages optimized for mobile?  Why or why not?
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