Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wait Times are Now Care Times

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Today's guest post has been provided by David Perez, founder and CEO, Seamless Medical Systems

According to Press Ganey Associates research, the amount of time that patients wait in reception areas averages 23 minutes. We believe this waiting room time can be transformed into a meaningful patient engagement experience. At Seamless Medical Systems, we help patients feel empowered, informed and productive, and more connected to their providers by automating the registration process and providing tools and information for better engagement.

First we recognize that patients are paying customers who have financial and time pressures of their own. While we can’t speed up the provider process, we can help patients use this time that is normally wasted -- by scanning old magazines and staring at a TV with the volume turned off -- more wisely, by giving them an iPad with engaging, useful and easy-to-use information to support their care. We call this transformed experience SNAP® Practice. Once registration is quickly completed and data is wirelessly sent to the front desk, patients are provided customized health and wellness content, including supportive and relevant advertising. And when patients are in a waiting room they are already focused on their health, ready to engage.

People spend 25 percent more time with ads that are personally relevant to them versus those that are not (source: “Power of Relevancy” by Yahoo! and Innerscope Research, 2011). We also know that contextually relevant ads elicit an emotional response that’s almost twice as high as those without such relevancy. When an advertisement has both contextual (at the point of care and time of diagnosis) and personal relevance (focused on an immediate health concern) the impact is even more powerful.

On our patient engagement platform, sponsored content or advertorials that are in line with a patient’s condition or symptom can trigger immediate action by the patient. Targeting that is based on key psycho-social or clinically relevant data can deliver important patient and consumer marketing research inquiries.

Our mission at Seamless Medical Systems is to improve the patient experience by enhancing engagement and health literacy. While SNAP Practice is designed from the ground up for the patient, it is a customer relationship management platform for providers and healthcare marketers. Imagine delivering your latest health education video, care content or product advertisement directly to a patient at the point of care and time of engagement. To get a glimpse of 21st Century patient engagement, please visit

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