Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Where do physicians typically turn for drug specific information? And more with MedLIVE!

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This year at ePharma Summit, we teamed up with the WorldOne Interactive team to test out the  MedLive platform to get your questions for physicians answered in real time.  Yesterday, we posted how doctors felt about social media, digital engagement with patients and more.  On our second run of MedLive, doctors answered these question in a span of forty minutes.
  • According to www.klout.com, Justin Bieber is the most influential person in media.  In your opinion, who is the most influential doctor/institution in social media?
  • Where do you typically turn for drug specific information?
  • Outside of in-person exams, how else do you engage your patients for professional purposes?
  • Do you believe that copay cards improve both patient compliance and persistency?
  • Have you deliberately prescribed certain drugs primarily because a copay cards is available?

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