Thursday, April 11, 2013

Digital tools can improve health. Who is the best advocate for their use?

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The doctor, according to a recent article at Forbes.  Author John Nosta points out that few words are more powerful than "The doctor recommended it."  So how can we get the public to begin using the great new digital tools such as RunKeeper, Lift,  Cardiio and more to start monitoring health?  Nosta acknowledges that it's very difficult to get face time with a doctor, as Pharma knows well, but here are a few ideas to to successfully promoting digital health:
  • Awareness - Let doctors know about these tools and the benefits they can provide for the patients.
  • Trial - Get doctors to use these tools in their everyday lives to see the benefit of the health apps
  • Validation - Get the numbers behind the app and share.  Why is the app successful and how it it improving the lives of those who use it?
  • Support - set up the dialoguethat will connect the patients and doctor through the app.  There is no better way to promote support than have access to constant dialogue
  • Advocacy - Constant support of the rest of the steps in the cycle.  Share, promote and continue to advocate the importance 

So ultimately, by encouraging the doctors be more involved in digital health, we can encourage patients to begin monitoring their health in the same manor. But it's key to keep up the physician education by sharing the new advances of how they can keep their patients more healthy.

Do you agree with this? What can we take from this digital health example and how can we connect it to the audiences we need to connect with as Pharma marketers?
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