Friday, April 5, 2013

Facebook works on comment moderation - will Pharma be encouraged to join?

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Much of the reason Pharma companies have shied away from fully using Facebook is the ability of two-way conversation that may or may not be deemed appropriate by the FDA.  This week, Facebook has announced a few new initiates that allow Facebook page owners to change what comments are seen and displayed on their Facebook profiles.

Companies can now order/hide/display the comments they so chose according to CNet:
The first view is "top level comments," which can be ranked to show those that a brand wants everyone to see. Then there are "replies," which show the brand's replies to comments. And, the final view is "comment stream," which displays all comments together in chronological order.
While this system is only available on the Desktop feature, do you think Facebook is moving in a direction that will encourage more Pharma companies to join the conversation on Facebook?
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