Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Innovation, Technology and Health

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We all know that the world of technology is changing at a rapid pace, but what happens when you bring new, innovative minds into the field?  Mashable looks at three of the inventions that came out of the New York University's yearly Entrepreneurs' Challenge. Two of the three featured in the article showcase digital health technologies in the works.

Co-developer Doug Kanter developed a diabetes management system. By imputing one's diet and exercise into a mobile app that then connects with the blood sugar levels, those with diabetes can better manage their health.

Oculogica is an innovation that shows small moving objects on a screen and by tracking eye movement would then diagnose concussions faster than traditional methods and since it is a technology on a smaller screen it allows it to be more portable.

Another innovative health initiative that may be closer to reality is telemedicine.  Dr. Yulun Wang of InTouch Health recently contributed a piece to Healthcare IT News which identified the current and growing status of telemedicine which could fit both the evolving digital healthcare industry as well as fit to the new needs of a society that is trying to save on the expensive costs of healthcare. This innovation could benefit two specific types of care: acute care, which would give doctors to diagnose and treat patients virtually; and chronic disease management which will allow doctors to stay in contact with patients who are battling ongoing illnesses.

Do any of these innovations stand out to you?  What other revolutionary in terms do you see making small differences that will have a huge impact on patients?
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