Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Is email really "so yesterday"?

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In this edition of the 2013 Inside ePharma Podcast Series, we sat down with Dr. Roger Korman of DMD to discuss many of the factors that go into email marketing.  He shares his perspective on why email is still a vital factor in the digital pharma marketing mix.

Last week, Dr. Korman looked at how email use in the Pharma industry was changing.  Which brought us to the next question in our looking at Korman's perspective on the evoking medium - is it on it's way out?

And we’ll get to those opportunities in a second. You’ve touched on something that I think a lot of people need to think about. Let me put it this way – how do you respond when a person or people say: “Email is so yesterday”?

Roger: Well, let’s start from what is the most important element of digital communication
Dr. Roger Korman 
today, which is the mobile device. It’s no longer really a mobile phone. It does do telephony, but it’s really a multi-staged platform that is used for, as we all know, multiple functions. 
The single activity that occupies most time on a mobile device is email, whether it is personal or work. So, there is a one-to-one correspondence now between the relevance of email and the single most important platform today. Then, as I just mentioned, if you look at the fight for email addresses, it’s the “Clash of the Titans”. Outlook is just ready to rollout it’s to replace Gmail. They are trying to seize the high-ground from Apple and Google. It’s really an extraordinarily turbulent field.

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Read the full transcript of the podcast here.

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