Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pharma moving into digital marketing present

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Infographic from
Social Media Today
Recently at Social Media Today, Robin Fray Carey looked at, and praised the direction, that Pharma is headed in when it comes to digital marketing. While this field has been lacking behind in the past, it is now moving into the future realizing that digital marketing is a way to reach patients and doctors more efficiently. But recent surveys have revealed that companies are looking increase the number of digital interactions they have by at least 26%. Also interesting to note in the article is that many companies are looking towards the experts - and outsourcing the sales and marketing portion of their digital strategy, most notably the content production and analytics. Carey notes that many Pharma companies are experimentation with wellness to reach their customers, focusing on spreading awareness and promoting communities that foster wellness among like-minded individuals.

We saw much of this turned action at this year's ePharma Summit, but do you think more companies are adapting.  What do you believe are the benefits of outsourcing content creation and analytics?
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