Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pharma & the state of email use in the industry

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In this edition of the 2013 Inside ePharma Podcast Series, we sat down with Dr. Roger Korman of DMD to discuss many of the factors that go into email marketing.  He shares his perspective on why email is still a vital factor in the digital pharma marketing mix.

Today, he answers this question:

Tell us a little bit about the state of email use in the industry today. Where are we at?
Dr. Roger Korman
Roger: The email channel is very, very rapidly evolving. If you look at the major investments by the monster companies – Gmail, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo!, AOL – they are pouring hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars into email because it is the prime digital connective channel. When I look at the healthcare audience, it’s a different state because much of what it passes for email today is really antiquated, old-school, analogue communication that has been slapped into a digital format, but which is actually poorly suited for today’s communication, especially to mobile devices. So, the world around us is moving at one speed and healthcare is kind of not moving very fast at all and, as a result, losing tremendous opportunities to exploit this primary digital communication channel.

Download Dr. Korman's full podcast MP3 here.
Read the full transcript of the podcast here.

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