Tuesday, June 25, 2013

#ePharma Webinar On Demand: Don’t Forget the Payer in Your Digital Strategy: What Payers Need and Want from Pharma

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Were you unable to join us for Dr. Patti Peeples, President and Founder, HealthEconomics.Com's web seminar this morning?

About the Web Seminar:
Presenter Dr. Patti Peeples
Are Payers and Managed Markets withering on your Digital vine due to lack of attention? Biopharma Marketing and Sales have well-developed, multi-prong strategies using traditional methods to drive pharma product access, usage, and reimbursement with these critical decision-makers. But, has your Digital Marketing Strategy kept up, or are you still thinking only about providers and patients? Key stakeholders – payers, managed markets, and technology assessment groups - control market access to and reimbursement for your drug or device more than ever before, and they need and want digitally-based product education, information, and evidence evaluation tools. What are your marketers and social media experts doing to optimally engage these key decision-makers?

This Webinar will provide you with tools to prepare a forward-thinking, sophisticated, and complete Digital Strategy that: identifies the key stakeholders, prioritizes their information needs, presents methods to optimize your market access and reimbursement success, and provides you with the tools to develop a road map to efficiently and effectively integrate these customer groups into your digital marketing mix.

What you will learn:
  • The Who and the What: Who are the key managed markets and payer stakeholders to target for a digital strategy, and what do they need and want?
  • The Why? Why should I allocate time, effort, and money to these groups?
  • The How? How do I optimally communicate with these decision-makers, and how do I gain buy-in from internal stakeholders?
  • The When? Do managed markets and payer groups need their information on the same timeline as providers and patients?

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