Friday, June 7, 2013

The continuing questions when it comes to social media

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So, even by now, Pharma knows that social media is here to stay and communicating with customers and patients online is a must.  However, today, we look at some of the over-arching questions that affect all social marketers and questions they're often asked by their organizations.

At Ragan's PR Daily, Gini Dietrich looks at five different areas that plague social media marketers.  Is your company scared to jump into social media? Maybe you don't know where your audience is.  The do your research.  Find out where your potential community members are online.  Are they no longer engaging in that community?  Did something hipper steal them away?  Go to that community! Grow and engage with your audience on their terms.

We also often look at corporation social media like it is that - but - humans run every single aspect of social media.  That's one of the best parts of social - you get to see the personality behind a brand.  So use the tools you have to share and communicate in human terms.

Another common question is "How are we going to measure and manage social media?".  What platforms are you running?  Does a listening tool for Twitter make sense if there isn't much chatter? Possibly not - maybe something like TweetDeck or HootSuite. Look at Facebook analytics and measure your engagement.  If you're on LinkedIn, how are you measuring your engagement?

Dietrich's final point is that social strategy is important - but most importantly - it's a part  of your marketing strategy.  It should be measured as a part of that - and no solely on how many more followers you've gotten.  What does web traffic from your social mediums look like?  How many people are talking to you?  Are you listening and joining the conversation instead of just pure sales pushes?
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