Monday, July 22, 2013

Listening to your consumers critical for Business to Business Social Media Marketing

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Last week, we looked at the importance of listening to your consumer in order to be a more effective marketer.  As Pharma marketers tend to work with many other consumers beyond the patients, it's important to understand the mechanics of social media marketing to other business piers as well.

Viral Thaker, Founder CEO of TheSocialPeople, recently looked at how best to connect with the business peers many of today's marketers are trying to connect with socially. One important point he brought up is that unlike with business to consumer social marketers, business to business social marketers aren't just selling to one person but a group of people who make the purchasing decisions. Content marketing is important, but every single piece should be relevant and useful to the audience it's being shared with.

Thaker leaves us with these two points:
  • Understand the purpose of your organization and ensure that you focus 100% on delivering against the experience customers would expect from buying that product or service.
  • Once you think you got it right, never stop focusing on what you can do better. The spirit of continuous improvement is what keeps you relevant, growing, and ultimately creates health and sustainability for your business over time.
What challenges have you seen arise when trying to connect with your business audience online?
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