Friday, July 5, 2013

Out of Industry Friday: When Marketing Silos go Public

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Today, we continue our out of industry spotlight, and will continue along the theme of the importance of channel integration.  State of Search recently profiled NatWest, a UK company, whose traditional marketing channels and digital marketing channels were not on the same page when producing their campaign. They produced TV commercials that wished to share with their audience the ease of working with them and the high odds of getting a mortgage after application. How were you to do this?

The commercial instructs you to search "NatYes".  However, when searching at the time of launch, the only search result that came up was the sponsored search.  There were no organic results to be found.  Due to lack of communication between marketing teams within the organization, this was not realized before the launch.

Do you have any other visible examples of evident silos with campaigns after they've hit the market?
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