Monday, July 29, 2013

What are some of the challenges of small pharma marketing?

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Recently, Next Generation Pharma interviewed Ayse Kocak, VP of Marketing at Cerimon Pharmaceuticals, Inc to get her standpoint on marketing in a small biotech - and how some things aren't all that different from marketing at a large Pharma company. She points out that the most common items in common when marketing at a Pharma and a Biotech are the missions of the companies, the product development and the regulatory challenges in addition to the changing landscape of the American healthcare system and current troubles facing the drug development pipelines.

However, when it comes to marketing, she sees a more open system in the biotech industry. It's more innovative and flexible and usually has one or two focuses for therapeutic areas. That changes the traditional marketing efforts used at large Pharma, forcing them to find creative and innovative ways to reach a smaller number of physicians who would prescribe the drug.

What's Ayse's key role in marketing at Cerimon Pharmaceuticals?
Currently, my primary focus at Cerimon is the evaluation of new assets that would round out our pipeline and complement our product development focus. For each asset that we evaluate, I look closely at the market opportunity to see if the product will successfully address this medical need specified appropriately and whether these assets are worth bringing to our portfolio.

My other main responsibility is to work with our development team to ensure that our two late-stage product candidates, Simulect and topical diclofenac, are properly profiled while in clinical evaluation. My contribution in this area is to ensure that we stay focused on maintaining our business approach while maintaining a commercial sensibility to meet the needs of most importantly patients, physicians and payers.

I also focus on supporting the development team with effective strategies to improve patient recruitment to our studies. Once these products get closer to FDA approval, my primary focus will shift to building out the commercial infrastructure to ensure successful launches.
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If you are a small biotech or Pharma company, what's your biggest challenge when it comes to marketing your products?
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