Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Your consumers are talking. Are you listening?

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In recent research, it was found that there were over 82,000,000 searches by over 6,000,000 internet users. Microsoft Research and Stanford University joined together to do this research - much of which we already know. People are having conversations on the internet whether or not your company is there. Shouldn't you know what your consumers are saying? They've provided a list of several free listening tools so that any company can jump in and get their feet wet and see what their patients and consumers are saying online. Not only what they're saying but who is talking? Is it patients? Doctors? Are they talking about refills? Side effects?

Brand Karma Rants recently shared a list of simple tools to get your feet wet in social listening:

Google Alerts - Get emails sent to your inbox whenever anyone mentions the search words you select: medication, refills, brand name drugs, side effect terms, etc.  Whatever you need to monitor will show up in your inbox on a daily basis.

Twitter - This is the place where everyone shares their opinion.  People ask questions.  They share their concerns and worries.  And tools like HootSuite and Tweet Deck have the ability to run keyword searches so that in one easy click of the button, you can see everyone discussing "Heart Disease" or "Diabetes" which can allow you to see a new side of patients that you might not normally see.

TweetReach - We all know the key to a good social campaign is to have someone out there in the online space with authority sharing your information.  Just how far did your tweet travel?  How many people saw it?  Tweet Reach can tell you the exact number.  Along with those using your hashtag most frequently.

Social Mention - Are you wondering what people are saying about your brand on a platform other than Twitter?  Social Mention  brings in links as to who has posted your key words, Faecbook statuses, links to conversations in social and other online platforms.

Google Key Words - Finally - you know what you are searching for, but are there keywords that you're not accounting for that your audience is searching?  This is a great place to find them.

Listening doesn't have to end after these tools.  Do you need to find the current gaps in knowledge to create opportunities for bridging those gaps and determining strategic shifts?  This coming September at ePharma Summit West, Lyndi Hirsch, Former Director, Online and Consumer Marketing, MAP Pharmaceuticals, will be on hand to present Use Social Listening to Identify What Consumers Want. For more information on this session, download the agenda.  If you'd like to join us September 16-18 in downtown San Francisco, as a reader of this blog when you register to join us and mention code XP1856BLOG, you'l save 15% off the standard rate!

Do you have any other social listening tools you use on a frequent basis?
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