Friday, August 9, 2013

Is your CEO on Twitter?

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One of the most valuable parts of social media is connection and the voice it gives to individuals.  Forbes recently published a post that looked at how many CEOs are taking advantage of fostering relationships on social media - and the answer was not many.  Here are a few of the interesting findings from the recent survey:

Of America's 500 highest grossing companies:

  • Only 32% of those CEOs have a presence on Social Media
  • An astounding 68% have no presence on any social network 
  • 140 CEOs have a LinkedIn account (27.9%)
  • Of the top 500 companies, only 28 CEOs are on Twitter (5.6%) with only 19 active users
  • Google+ is only used by 5 CEOs
The CEO behind ePharma Summit, Debra Chipman, is on Twitter.  The Huffington Post also recently a list of the CEOs they've found to be on Twitter.  Read that list here.

Where are the CEOs in Pharma?  According to Med City News, there are a few active users on Twitter.  What top execs can you follow in the Pharma space?
  • Mark Bertolini, chairman and CEO, Aetna (@mtbert)
  • Omar Ishrak, president and CEO, Medtronic (@MedtronicCEO)
  • Laurent Levy, CEO, Nanobiotix (@nano_inmedicine)
  • Glen Giovannetti, global life sciences leader, Ernst & Young, (@GlenGiovannetti)
  • John LaMattina, senior partner, PureTech Ventures and former president of global R&D, Pfizer (@John_LaMattina)
  • Dennis Urbaniak, VP U.S. Diabetes, Sanofi-Aventis (@DUrbaniak)
  • Jonathan Bush, CEO, athenahealth (@Jonathan_Bush)
  • Michael Pellini, CEO, Foundation Medicine (@MichaelPellini)
  • Bruce Siegel, CEO, National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems, (@siegelmd)
  • Wayne Guerra, co-founder, iTriage, (@WayneGuerra)

What do you think are the real benefits of having your company's C-Suite online and engaged?
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