Friday, August 2, 2013

Large versus Small: The debate

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This week, we've been focusing on marketing in a large pharma company versus a small Pharma company.  So to cap our week off, today we're looking at the ups and downs to working at the companies behind the campaigns.  So we ask - is it better to work at large company or a small company?  Life Hacker recently came up with a set of pros and cons.  Can you think of any to add to either list?

Small Companies
  • Your success is visible throughout the company by everyone
  • The companies are more fluid because everyone knows everyone so things can change and move faster
  • Your job isn't the same all the time - with fewer people, employees often wear multiple hats
  • While all of your successes are seen, so are all of your failures
  • The benefits packages aren't as robust as larger companies would provide
  • There is no legal or human resources department
Large companies:
  • There is a firm structure in place, so you as an employee know your role and what you're responsible for
  • The benefits packages come with better benefits
  • You can change positions in the company without leaving the company
  • Change takes a long time in large companies due to the structure
  • It's harder to know all the employees in larger companies
  • Different surroundings in different departments can change your experience with a company

What else would you add to the list? Were there any heavily-weighted pros or cons missed from either list?
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