Thursday, August 15, 2013

Look Who's Attending ePharma West Summit next month in San Francisco!

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Time and time again, we’ve heard that most valuable information you can get at a conference is hearing first-hand experience from pharmaceutical executives. There is no greater value than hearing someone’s personal experience and lessons learned, especially when it mirrors your own obstacles and goals.

Join us at this year’s ePharma Summit West on September 16-18 in Downtown San Francisco, where you’ll have the opportunity to hear directly from pharmaceutical marketers on successes they’ve experienced when marketing to HCPs, consumers and even payers.

You will be part of an event that will give you the tools and ideas to do more with less. Learn strategic thinking and actual implementation experience from these forward-thinking brands: * Allergan * Amgen * Avanir Pharmaceuticals * Ci&T * Corcept Therapeutics Inc * Digitas Health * Educational Resource Systems * Eli Lilly & Co * Everyday Health * Forbes * Global Channel Marketing Solutions * Greater Than One * HealthEconomics.Com * Heartbeat Ideas * Healthline * IOMEDIA * Janssen Pharmaceuticals * Juice Pharma Worldwide * KnowledgePoint360 Group * LehmanMillet * M3 USA * Manhattan Research * MAP Pharmaceuticals * Meda * Merck & Company * Mitochon Systems * Novo Nordisk Inc * QualityHealth * Sharecare * Telerx * Threshold Pharmaceuticals * Trialcard * Xenoport

Want to join these companies? Register to join us September 16-18, 2013 in downtown San Francisco. As a reader of this blog, you can save 15% off the standard rate! Simply mention priority code XP1856BLOG when registering.
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