Wednesday, August 28, 2013

mHealth & Healthcare Integration: What's taking so long?

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We all know that mHealth is here to stay.  Information Week predicts this industry could reach $61 billion in revenue by 2017.  For everyone with a SmartPhone, one of every two people have downloaded an app that can be considered a mHealth app.  That's up from 12% of all SmartPhone users in 2012.  What are a few of the setbacks that are holding the industry back from fully adopting them as a healthcare tool?  Delayed regulation on Apps that can be considered medical devices is one. The other is full integration into the healthcare system.  The information should also be added to a patient's carelog on their electronic health record.  The current healthcare system is also lacking in rewarding physicians for integrating these tools into their arsenal of tools they can use to care for a patient.

Fierce Mobile Health points to app developers should take into consideration what problem their mHealth app solves and how it can help the current problems facing the healthcare industry and how they can alleviate some of the pain points in the healthcare industry including:  service delivery, health workforce, health information systems, access to essential medicines, financing, and leadership/governance.  Not only does this need to be done for the healthcare workers, but demonstrating the usefulness of mHealth to the patients and how it can work into their daily lives to promote better health for themselves. Overcoming this obstacle will allow mHealth to better thrive in today's healthcare landscape.

How can the mHealth industry really excel?  Both articles from Fierce Mobile Health and the Global Health: Science and Practice articles point out that solutions need to be analyzed and presented. Why is mHealth something that can work to improve the healthcare system?  How is it helping?  Once the industry finds a universal language to communicate their features and function to the public, physicians and healthcare providers, they'll truly excel and have a great possibility of being used tool that can be fully integrated into the healthcare industry.

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