Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mobile usage passes Television Watching with Adult Consumers in 2013

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Consumption of media is changing, and according to Marketing Magazine, for the first time, digital media consumption will grow larger than television consumption.   According to eMarketer, digital consumption will rise as much as 16% with an average of 5:16 spent online during the day.  TV watching habits will dip to 4:31 minutes.

Here's the new breakdown of how adults spend their time online:

As Pharma marketers - we have to take several things into consideration.  What are these consumers doing on line?  We know, according to a study from NBC News, that 80% of all internet users search for health facts online.  What are they searching for? Topics include: Specific disease or medical problem (63 percent), a particular medical treatment or procedure (47 percent),  nutrition and vitamins (44 percent) and exercise or fitness information (36 percent), >drugs (34 percent); alternative treatments (28 percent); health insurance (25 percent); depression, anxiety or stress (21 percent) and a particular doctor or hospital (21 percent).

So now that we know mobile usage is increasing, not so surprisingly above TV consumption, what are Pharma companies doing to make sure they meet the needs of the audiences they're using online?

At ePharma Summit West this September, Asya Zatulovskaya, Associate Director, Marketing, Avanir Pharmaceuticals will join us for the presentation What Works (and What Doesn’t) When Transitioning from Traditional to Digital where she will share how to make mobile devices more engaging, interactive and give them the ability to work with your consumers.  For more information on her session, download the agenda.  If you'd like to join Asya at ePharma Summit September 16-18 in Downtown San Francisco, register to join us and mention priority code XP1856BLOG to save 15% off the standard rate.  Have any questions?  Email me at
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