Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Patients are online. Why are the providers?

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Patients are digital.  They go online and they communicate with others.  According to a recent study from Wego Health, over 85% of patients are online.  People care about their health and are online looking for information about their options.  A recent article at Business 2 Community looks at a few or the reasons why the providers of healthcare - the Pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, hospitals and health insurance companies are falling behind the digital pace of their customers - the patients.  The growing gap between the patients online and amount of information heatlhcare related professionals can provide is widening.  Who can fill in the gap?  We all know that doctors are already challenged by the amount of time they can spend with patients.  Patients turn to other trusted sources when they can't receive questions in a timely manor from their physicians.

This is where other companies can come in.  While many of the healthcare providers are online - just over 50% for Pharma, Med Device, Hospitals and healthcare providers - more could step in and educate.  Provide the information patients are looking for.  These different healthcare providers should be able to help them become informed patients when they go into the doctor.

This article challenges healthcare providers to step up and help the online patient become a better customer.  What's a company that stands out in your mind that helps the patient become a more educated consumer?

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