Friday, September 13, 2013

TrialCard Develops A New Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategy That Shifts The Focus From Physicians To The Pharmacists

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Today's guest post comes from Megan Kearney, Marketing Associate at TrialCard. She has worked for TrialCard for almost a decade years. In that time, she has held multiple positions starting as a Call Center Representative, then Project Manager, then Executive Project Manager and now Marketing Associate.

Pharmaceutical companies exhaust many marketing avenues, time and budgets in efforts to get their brands prescribed by physicians. The Point of Care has long been viewed as the vital battle for brands to win but, the growing restrictions and decreasing access to physicians has pharma searching for new opportunities. TrialCard has been closely monitoring this shift in physician access and that’s why we developed a new solution to help pharma companies maintain and even grow their TRxs. We have shifted the battle ground from the Point of Care to the Point of Sale.

TrialCard is a known leader in innovative and customized solutions. Our eight patented solutions have redefined how pharmaceutical companies gain access, acquisition and adherence for their brands. Our newest Point of Sale solution, RxSaver, sparks organic growth for brands, by rescuing the prescriptions that prescribers have already written. RxSaver provides analytics that prove the rate of abandonment solution and ROI of 544%!

“Pharmaceutical brands, pharmacists, and patients all benefit from patients taking their prescriptions as written by their prescriber.” said David Cunningham, CEO, TrialCard. “RxSaver is a true solution for prescription abandonment that provides value to brands, pharmacists, and patients.”

Join us next Tuesday, Sept 17th at the ePharma Summit West for the panel discussion to learn more and how this solution can work for you! Our West Coast Sales Director, Sanjeev Ganatra, will be on the panel and ready to answer your questions.
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