Friday, September 27, 2013

What can promoted tweets do for you?

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A new study came out from Twitter and Datalogix that proved that your presence on Twitter does, in fact, lead to more sales. They looked at how organic and promoted tweets, as well as engagement with those tweets, affected the purchasing habits of those who saw the tweets. The study followed 35 brands.

What did they find?
  • Those who engaged with a tweet (favorited, retweeted or replied) were 12% more likely to make a purchase.
  • In terms of organic tweets, 8% of those who saw a tweet are more likely to purchase the product mentioned. This number increases with the number of organic tweets each person sees
  • As for those who see promoted tweets, users who see them are 29% more likely to purchase a product after they see a promoted tweet.
How could promoted tweets be used in the Pharma/Healthcare environment?  Yesterday, we discussed empowering the patient through digital means.  Could this be one more step in the channel of empowering patients and giving them more knowledge in the name of healthcare?  
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