Thursday, October 10, 2013

Where are Pharma's advertising dollars for the Hispanic market?

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According to Portada, the current spending on the Hispanic market is very minimal - with the #1 spender focusing on healthcare in the market ranking 39th among fifty being St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. So where are the healthcare/Pharmaceutical advertisers? And will they join the advertising market now that the Affordable Care Act has opened up the healthcare market - many of those newly insured individuals being Hispanics? The article pointed out that Nationwide and WellPoint are two of the biggest spenders promoting their plans associated with the Affordable Healthcare Act - but they aren't targeted towards this market.

The author hopes that the new coverage will help a slow moving marketing spend grow slowly. What the author does believe it that health care aside, Pharma companies can see a big opportunity to target their markets in a very segmented way - by therapeutics, brands, age groups, co-pay breakdowns and more. Even bigger is the opportunities Pharma will see when it comes to marketing through the digital channels. This will play a key role in healhtcare education for years to come.

This February,Trish Nettleship, Director, Social Media & Influence, UCB, Inc.will be on hand at the ePharma Summit to present Distributing Relevant Content via Social Media which will be key to reaching the new Hispanic market.  We're putting the finishing touches on the ePharma 2014 program and the program will be released soon.  To sign up for the latest information and to be notified when the agenda is available, sign up to receive email updates.

Is your company looking into reaching out directly to the Hispanic market? Why or why not?
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