Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Why should physician practices have a digital strategy?

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Why does a medical practice need a digital strategy?  The same reason most brands and companies do - to connect, empower, share and communicate with their target market.  Healthy Startups recently took an in-depth look as to specific reasons that doctors should have digital strategies.  These strategies also have the added benefit of creating a community among the users.

Why should doctors have a digital strategy?

  • It gives doctors the ability to share their human side.  It'll allow their patients to see them as people - not just the doctor in the office, but a knowledgeable, accessible person who really knows the ins and outs of health.
  • The networks online are far beyond those that many people have in their social network.  It'll allow doctors to reach out and connect not only with their patients but also doctors from around the world expanding the network and knowledge the doctor has access to.
  • Discover, empower and inspire patients.  A healthcare professional can now have a connection to their patients online through your platforms.  Use them to benefit both the patient and the practice.  Let them know the doctors is available to answer questions.  Start conversations that can engage and educate the patient.  Share stories about patient successes.  Share news about your hometown to promote a community feeling.
We've seen social media connect the masses.  Now, if used right, it can help the doctor connect to the patient a whole way.  Offering human interaction through new digital media is just one way to to further enhance the patient experience.  Yesterday we took an in-depth look at how Pharma Marketers could work to better provide value and reach their patients.  

How would you lay out a strategy for a physician's practice?  What would be the number one thing to include in the patient outreach strategy?

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