Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Will the Affordable Care Act change the way Pharma markets to their customers?

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As we all know, the Affordable Care Act is one of the main reasons that the government has currently closed for business.  With much of the Affordable Care Act launched today, parties lines are divided and no agreements were made before midnight about the budget.

Some aspects, like the Health Insurance Exchanges, have launched today.  With this new way to service the public in healthcare, how can Pharma reach out and help their current and new customers? AdWeek recently took an in-depth look on how they think the new initiatives will change Pharma marketing.

New focuses of the Affordable Care Act turn the current healthcare system we are currently dealing with to a systems where disease awareness, education and prevention are brought into the light.  The new care system will allow Pharma companies to become more patient driven - and open up doors to some of the costliest health conditions in our country: obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Pharma is also provided with a better opportunity to engage with their patient population.  With the implementation of the new healthcare system, already strapped doctors will have even less time to interact with their patients - as their growing number are increasing.

We also know that one of the costliest parts of our healthcare system is patients failing to be adherent to their medications.  The scripts doctors write will be based on data from Accountable Care Organizations which assess the overall effectiveness based on many factors.  Pharma can contribute to these by enhancing the value of the medications they prescribe.  The ACOs will factor what information in on their formulates beyond the singular value of the pill, but will include the comprehensive value.  What the article concludes with is looking at how those value ads - online tracking programs and game-focused apps - can go beyond developing value for the customer but can also be a factor in data collection.  What are the habits of the consumers who are using the game?  Can this be used to see where they will become non-compliant with their medication?

This February at ePharma,  we'll feature a selection of sessions that look at how ACOs affect Pharma marketers.  The program is in it's final stages of completion, so sign up to receive the latest updates.

How is Pharma best poised to bring value to the medications that are prescribed by doctors on a daily basis?

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