Friday, December 6, 2013

ePharma Keynotes Address Change Management and Inspire

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In years past, being a digital marketer was like being part of the cool kids club, where you had meetings with fresh-faced companies, start-ups, and boutique agencies, possibly even wearing jeans to the office every day. Oh my how times have changed and digital marketing has grown up—BIG TIME!

Digital marketing has evolved into a more sophisticated job and a necessary part of the marketing mix. Most importantly, in case your function wasn’t taken quite as seriously back in the day, it certainly is now—and you’re expected to drive ROI and deliver profitability! You’re now looking for ways to integrate your digital marketing efforts into mainstream marketing programs inside your organization.

At the ePharma Summit™ taking place on February 10-12 in New York City, the challenges and opportunities around change management will be addressed directly by our headlining keynote presenters. They’ll give you insights and strategies that will help you move your digital agenda and marketing organization forward and also inspire you along the way.
  • - Thrive in the new world of healthcare with Jonathan Bush, Chief Executive Officer, athenahealth
  • - Starting an innovation revolution with Lisa Bodell, Author, Kill the Company & Chief Executive Officer, futurethink
  • - Innovate at the speed of change with Jeff Conklin, Senior Vice President, Global Commercial Operations, Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • - Get a glimpse into the future of pharma marketing with Tom McCourt, Chief Commercial Officer, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals

ePharma Summit 2014 will take place February 10-12, 2014 in New York City. We’re proud to have Paul Ivans, President, Evolution Road Consulting, back for a 10th year as an event chair. When you register early to join Paul and other digital pharma marketers, you can save up to $700! As a reader of this blog, you’re eligible for maximum savings when you register to join us and mention priority code XP1906BLOG.
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