Thursday, January 9, 2014

How would you rate the pharmaceutical industry’s performance on the digital front?

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Today, we start taking an in-depth look at the Inside ePharma Podcast we recently conducted with ePharma speaker Jordan Safirstein, Interventional Cardiologist, Morristown Medical Center, Atlantic Health Systems. Today, he answers the question:

As a physician, how would you rate the pharmaceutical industry’s performance on the digital front?

His answer:
Dr. Jordan Safirstein
Well, I feel like pharma could be doing a better job, particularly as it pertains to patient education. We know pharma’s resources are pretty expansive and it seems like a great deal of their resources are directed in terms of how they help medical intervention. Most of their resources seem more directed toward physicians and assisting physicians in providing their patients with vouchers, sometimes educating the physicians, providing the physicians with the latest literature, etc. But, I feel like there is a lot more they could do in terms of helping patients with compliance, educating patients about their disease state and not just the medication that they are taking.  
And I feel like the widespread use of mobile devices by patients and physicians alone gives them an excellent vehicle to create more useful—most likely free applications and digital interventions—that can help patients not just take their medications better, but perhaps take them with more knowledge. This would also take some of the burden off the physician and alleviate the need for the physician to directly hand a coupon by perhaps providing an app or a website where patients can go directly to that app or that website and access cheaper education and information about the medications. 

Jordan will be a part of the Thought Leader panel Hello, Your Customers Have Changed: Do You Know Who They Are, What They Need and How to Get Their Attention?.  For more information on his session and the rest of the program, download the agenda.

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