Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Changing Face (to-Face) of Pharmaceutical Sales

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Today's post comes from ePharma Summit speaker Andrew Watson, Associate Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Wockhardt USA. He will be presenting The Doctor Will “See” You: Bridging the Gap Between Doctors and Pharma on Tuesday, February 11.

The face of pharmaceutical sales continues to change. Today’s pharmaceutical sales representatives face an ever-changing medical office dynamic: A growing percentage of rep visits end without the sales representative ever getting face-to-face with a physician, and an increasing number of doctor offices are designated “no see.” Nonetheless, healthcare professionals continue to want fresh, relevant scientific data enabling them to deliver the best possible care to their patients.

By leveraging the latest technology, virtual sales representatives are able to communicate with difficult-to-reach healthcare professionals and provide them with access to the same product information, insurance data, and samples as their traditional colleagues. At the upcoming ePharma Summit, I’ll be speaking on vRep SM --an innovative program that allows a pharmaceutical sales representative the ability to demonstrate—face-to-face—the latest product information without intruding on a busy medical office.

How It Works
The vRep experience begins with the sales team contacting target healthcare providers, identified through a sales target list. Once a representative speaks with a healthcare provider, they schedule an appointment that works with their busy schedules. After the detail is scheduled, the vRep team coordinates the shipment of materials and any additional logistics. At the designated time, the virtual sales representative connects with the healthcare provider, initiates an engaging and dynamic discussion regarding efficacy, safety data and fair balance—all while adhering to compliance standards.

Once the relevant messages are communicated, the virtual sales representative can also answer insurance questions, assist in ordering samples and coordinate delivery of patient educational resources. Upon completion of the vRep experience, a convenient follow-up meeting is scheduled to answer any additional questions that may come up during the healthcare provider’s experience and to continue to build a relationship with the doctors and their staff.

My Experiences and Success With vRep
In my position as AVP of Sales & Marketing at Wockhardt USA, my goal is to engage the marketplace through both traditional and innovative channels.

I started the Bromfed® DM (brompheniramine 2 mg, dextromethorphan 10 mg, pseudoephedrine 30 mg) vRep Pilot Program in the beginning of 2013, and it was a success right from the start. Many of my sales targets are considered “white-space” providers—healthcare professionals who practice in areas that have no contact with sales representatives because of geographic constraints or other reasons. Considering the costs of traditional face-to-face contact with this audience and the positive results already demonstrated, I realize that choosing vRep to help me sell Bromfed DM was a good decision, as customer after customer has committed to prescribing Bromfed DM to the appropriate patient population. I am happy with the impact this initiative is generating, working in concert with the Bromfed DM Instinctive Data program, and intrigued to see how much continued success the vRep Program can bring to ensure Bromfed DM remains the #1 prescribed medication in its class.

Based on these results, more brand managers need to face, and embrace, the new technologies offered to them if they want to be successful in today’s changing marketplace.

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