Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Future of Mobility, Multi-screen and Cross Screen Engagement

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Today's post comes from Mark Bard at Digital Insights Group (DIG). The company recently hosted a virtual roundtable of industry thought leaders from pharma, device, technology, and publishers. The conversation touched on the rapid proliferation of devices, how mobility is changing how physicians consume content throughout the day, and how pharma companies are realigning their brands and organizations to adapt.

Three Key Takeaways for 2014 (and beyond)

#1 Time Shift Creating Opportunities: For most physicians today, the extension of digital beyond the desktop is not a zero sum game. Rather, the extension of content to a mobile device is creating value for most physicians seeking to optimize the balance and shift time from paper to digital and desktop to mobile. The innovations over the past 5 years with regard to synced content and the seamless transitions enabled by cloud content are creating opportunities for physicians to save valuable time during the day; thus spurring increased demand for services to complement – not replace – the existing digital behaviors of physicians today.

#2 Awaiting Digital Differentiation and Pharma SaaS: We are still waiting for the “Digital Pfizer” (or equivalent). Pfizer shook up the industry years ago with their outsized investment in the field force with a “many-to-one” approach as a primary driver and source of competitive advantage. As companies and brands seek to differentiate in an increasingly competitive and fragmented market – and attempt to move “beyond the pill” as the only product offering – a handful of innovative companies (or one really innovative company) will start to make outsized investments in technology and serve as an industry leader with the new paradigm of “one-to-one” engagement. Given the desire of most industry participants to follow as opposed to lead, the early success of the di
gital pioneers (on a larger scale than isolated pilot projects) will spur a new wave of companies to rethink their commercial model (again) and move from ideation to rapid iteration.

#3 Embrace Change and Follow the Customer’s Lead: It’s not about “mobile” per se – it’s about being where the customer is today and anticipating where they will be in the near future. The extension of digital consumption, creation, and transactions beyond the desktop is not about the device – it’s about understanding the natural flow of behavior and learning how mobile is complementing existing behavior. The rapid emergence and proliferation of mobile devices is more about the market demand for portability and computing power in the palm of the hand than it is about a specific screen resolution, screen size, or form factor. If physicians embrace smart glasses or smart watches down the road – the goal is to better understand where the market is headed, better understand how to deliver the optimal experience today (based on existing technology), yet also plan ahead for a market where technology is designed for obsolescence. The only constant in emerging technology – including mobile – is change.

To read about these trends (and more) please visit the following link to download the complete roundtable discussion: http://digitalinsightsgroup.com/the-future-of-mobility-epharma-summit/

Mark Bard will be hosing the The Future of Mobility, Multi-screen and Cross Screen Engagement
 A Virtual Roundtable Discussion with Industry Thought Leaders panel  with panelists Craig DeLarge — Global Leader, Multichannel Marketing Strategy & Innovation at Merck
; Erik Hawkinson — Global Head of Strategic Marketing at Roche Diagnostics
; Lisa Flaiz — Group Product Director, Digital Marketing at Janssen
; Kim Levy — Vice President, Strategic Solutions at Epocrates
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