Tuesday, February 18, 2014

More Highlights from #ePharma 2014

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Our guest post today includes coverage from the 2014 ePharma Summit from Seth Painter, Digital Journalist, pharmaLEADERS

Actionable. That’s the one word that comes to mind when evaluating the content of this year’s ePharma Summit. Having covered most of the major pharma conferences over the past 3 years, I am pleased to report that this conference provides tremendous value for the pharma marketer. The speakers have not just provided insight about the state of the healthcare nation: they bring suggestions, solutions and plans that marketers can take home and use.

The morning sessions of ePharma Summit were packed with useful information about the need for pharmaceutical companies to embrace the new healthcare paradigm and find a place in which they can participate. Chairman Paul Ivans described the current environment as an existing opportunity for pharma to finally be able to partner with the healthcare system in meaningful and productive ways. Paul presented four ways in which the world of healthcare has changed:

Identifying Patients—using new methods such as genomics, EMR data and wearable devices
Determining the Best Treatment Path—incorporating such innovations as clinical decision support or workflow interventions
Delivering the Best Outcomes—using patient adherence, gamification
Measuring the Impact—leveraging EMR data, PQRS quality metrics

Paul also provided some ideas on how to do this:
  • Look holistically, strategically at the big picture in healthcare
  • Consider total systems cost
  • Shift focus to inside the healthcare workflow
  • Consider programs driven by clinical data, i.e. readmissions
  • Leverage EHRs, CDS and other workflow components
  • Pilot today—no one has the answers, so now is the best time to try things

You can view the full post here. Stay tuned for Seth's day 2 coverage.
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