Tuesday, February 11, 2014

White Paper: Marketing to Physicians: Top 5 Trends

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With the ever-changing marketing trends, it’s important that healthcare marketers stay flexible to adapt to new changes. Recently, Healthcare Data Solutions surveyed Physicians across all healthcare specialties including cardiologists, pediatricians, oncologists and more. With nearly 600 responses we were able to unveil the 5 hottest trending marketing techniques. The survey was conducted to uncover and understand areas of healthcare marketing: messaging effectiveness, effectiveness of different marketing techniques, what gets a message through and how to capture a Physician’s “digital attention.”

In this free whitepaper, Marketing to Physicians: Top 5 Trends, you’ll discover:

  • • How Physicians utilize social media
  • • What makes Doctors respond to email marketing
  • • Improvements you can make to your website to attract more Healthcare Providers
  • • And more!

Click here to download your FREE whitepaper!  Are you in New York City this week for ePharma?  Stop by Healthcare Data Solutions' booth to discuss the white paper further!
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