Friday, April 11, 2014

The Right Connections: How BehaviorMatrix is Getting the Most Out of Networking

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Why did you choose to attend the ePharma Summit?
BehaviorMatrix attended ePharma based on research we did highlighting past topics and panels as well as the focus on innovation and prevailing industry themes that we’ve come to expect from ePharma. Also, the draw of key digital pharma professionals to past ePharma conferences has made the conference very attractive to us. You could make the argument that the conversations that take place off the stage are almost as important as the ones happening on stage.

What were some of the biggest benefits from attending this year’s conference?
We got great leads out of this year’s conference. Since it was in New York again, we saw many familiar friendly faces who we met last year. This familiarity helped us to build better relationships and conversations this year.

What have you gained from the connections made at ePharma?
The caliber of people in attendance really makes the networking aspect important for us. We have several budding relationships and clients with whom the initial meeting and conversations started at ePharma. In fact, we recently just signed another deal with a contact made at last year’s ePharma Summit.

Were there any overlying themes to this year’s show that you’re able to apply directly to Behavior Matrix?
Some of the themes that we were able to directly apply to our capabilities at BehaviorMatrix were discussions about how innovation can help pharma adapt to the fluid nature and changes in the healthcare industries. Over the course of the program, there was dialogue on many of the different technologies and channels pharma marketers should be using in today’s climate. These are some of the areas that are really top of mind for everyone but as a company trying to continue to stay ahead of the curve in innovation, we’re provided actionable strategies. 

Parting thoughts
Marketing innovation is tough for pharma and companies like us are formed to meet a need for innovative methods. We are trying to leverage sentiment to go beyond traditional demographic profiling and analytics to get down to the core of what makes patients and HCPs tick. ePharma helps put companies like us in front of the people in need of this creative innovation so they can do their jobs better.

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You haven’t heard the last from ePharma this year. We’ll be in San Francisco September 22-24 for ePharma West. You can learn more here.
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This post was contributed by Genevieve Walsh of BehaviorMatrix, an applied behaviorial analytics company offering a suite of customized data and analysis services. 

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