Friday, July 18, 2014

The Week in #ePharma

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#ePharma news waits for no man.  As digitally connected as we all are, it’s easy to miss a thing or two over the course of a busy week.  Are you guilty of putting down your phone, iPad or laptop for an hour or two these last few days?  No sweat.  We took the liberty of pulling together some worthwhile pieces of news from this past week.  

Putting Together the Pieces on the FDAs Social Media Guidance- Josh Baldwin (@jjgbaldwin, @msl_group) takes a step back and looks at some of the crucial takeaways not just from the recently released social media guidances, but two earlier guidances on digital as well.  In case you were keeping score, the word “non-misleading” is used 22 times in these documents while “accurate” is used 20 times.
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The Current State of Digital Healthcare- It’s true, you can find more than just recipes and crafts on Pinterest.  Pharma websites are proven effective at driving prospect conversions, but did you know they’re only the 8th most accessed source of digital information by patients?
Patients Online Resources
Pharma company websites scrape the bottom of the list

Survey: 75 Percent of Patients Want Digital Health Services- Brian Dolan (@mobilehealth) of @MobiHealthNews breaks down a recent McKinsey survey on patient's adoption of digital health services.  Most (75%) of the respondents would like to use digital health services, however the authors point to poor quality services and services that aren't meeting patient needs as the reasons for slow adoption.

70 Percent of Physicians Now Send Prescriptions Electronically- Mark Sullivan (@thesullivan) of VentureBeat writes that according to new data from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, “far more doctors are filling prescriptions electronically than in 2008.”  By no means is that surprising, but what may surprise you is the figure- 70 percent. 

10 Things Hospital Leadership Need To Know About Social Media And Marketing- Although more focused on hospital marketing, Nicole Fisher (@nic_fisher) of Forbes provides some figures you can impress your colleagues with.  Our favorite?  In 2013, 62% of emails were opened on a mobile device.

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