Monday, July 28, 2014

The Week in #ePharma

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There were over 150 tweets under the #ePharma hashtag this week.  It’s hard to think of a good reason for missing a single one but if you did, we have it covered.  Here’s a recap of the buzz in #ePharma over the last week:

DTC Marketing is Slow to Change, World of DTC Marketing- Last week, a study was released indicating that more than half of all pharma and biotech employees will seek a new job in the next six months.  Richard Meyer (@richmeyer) cites a belief that rather than salary (certainly pharma sales positions are paying well enough), certain antiquated processes are causing employees to seek out other opportunities.  How do you go about classifying these processes as “antiquated”?  Says Meyer, when you have a company “still trying to figure out who “owns the product website.” 

Expectations on the Rise for Digital Marketing in Pharma, The Difference Makers- Have you seen a change in expectations for digital marketing?  David Ormesher (@ormshr) notes that even though pharma companies continue to rely on print and television media, the expectations of digital are trending upward.  He cites the “Amazon Effect”, greater expectations by the consumer as far as accessing information, as one of the reasons. 

An Apple a Day: What Does HeathKit Really Mean for Digital Health?, Wired- Regarding HealthKit, Mike Harden writes that just because they’re Apple, doesn’t mean they’re going to own the space.  Same goes for Microsoft and Google with their ventures into health tech.  Harden could very well be the millionth person to weigh in on this topic, but his stance is an interesting one.

Five Lessons Theme Parks Have for Medical Convention Success, MM&M- Anything pertaining to medical conferences has our attention, so if you’re considering ePharma West this year, you may want to read through.  The article lays out five ways to dominate the show floor.  Perhaps the most interesting: Using digital to drive engagement and interaction.  The authors, Bob Holloway and Tim Nelson of the Cadient Group (@CadientGroup), recommend it in order to “allow us to immerse audiences in the brand story.” 

Novartis Buys Rights to Google’s “Smart Lens” TechnologyPM Live- The PR spin on this: "[Novartis] are looking forward to working with Google to bring together their advanced technology and our extensive knowledge of biology to meet unmet medical needs.”  What you need to know: Novartis has plans to begin leveraging technology to manage medical conditions.  For Google, they’ve acknowledged that they’re intimidated by the heavy regulation in healthcare and are likely looking for a company to guide them through these ventures.

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