Thursday, August 28, 2014

Three Fresh Digital Pharma Offerings

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As pharma continues to make every effort to provide value “beyond the pill”, a number of different digital initiatives have cropped up.  Here are a couple of the latest iterations we’ve seen from some of the heavy hitters in the pharma industry.

AstraZeneca’s Diabetes Portal- Launched in Germany, the new online portal is positioned as a place to educate patients and families on type 2 diabetes.  The site aims to provide information and advice on living with the disease as well as answer questions.  For example, patients are provided tips on managing their conditions while traveling as well as during pregnancy.  Other aspects on the homepage include a diabetes glossary, downloadable nutrition guides and a general overview of the disease.  Patients are even given the ability to directly submit a question to one of their “knowledgeable and experienced experts.” 

This comes less than a year after the company withdrew a diabetes drug from Germany.  However, word is that AstraZeneca is making type 2 diabetes a priority and this could very well be one of the first steps in that process.

Janssen’s Healthy Minds­- The five-part online video series, the first of which launched August 5th, will address key topics in mental health as well as some treatments for brain disorders.  The series will also cover insights on coping with a loved one’s mental illness. 

The series is a part of the company’s Healthy Minds initiative aimed at advancing research and information surrounding mental health.  Said Seema Kumar, VP Enterprise Innovation, Public Affairs and Global Health Communication at Johnson & Johnson. “The Healthy Minds video series will help to expand education about brain disorders, and in turn, fight the stigma frequently related to them.”

Hosted on the Johnson and Johnson YouTube channel, the first installment has driven 1,289 views over the last few weeks.  The remaining segments will be pushed out month by month and will feature Biopolar Disorder, depression, Alzheimers Disease and Schizophrenia in that order.    

GSK’s COPD Website- Recently revampled, offers a variety of tools and resources to both manage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease as well as learn more about the condition.  The portal allows patients to tell share their own stories under the “Be Inspired” section which occupies a prominent space on the homepage. 

Patients can also access resources to manage their condition on a day-to-day basis.  In addition to the library of information, tools such as checklists to prepare for appointments and the “Take One Step” program allow users to set goals and proactively manage their condition.  

Said  Dr. Courtney Crim, Director of Respiratory Clinical Development at GSK, “The new is about providing a shared experience of what it's like to live with COPD, promoting understanding and dialogue about the disease, and helping people adjust to the day–to–day challenges that come with COPD.”

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