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ePharma Buzz- 8/29

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Are you close to being "checked out" for the week?  You're probably not the only one.  All the more reason to take a second and catch up on some of the headlines in #ePharma this week which, as always, are conveniently available on this very blog.

Apple Tells Developers They May Not Sell Personal Health Data to Advertisers, The Guardian- With the launch of Apple’s new iPhone quickly approaching, the company provided some clarity on privacy issues pertaining to HealthKit.  The tech giant has informed developers that they will not be permitted to sell any personal health data to advertisers.  The announcement does confirm that developers building apps which tap into HealthKit can in fact collect that data it holds.  As stated by Apple, developers “must not sell an end-user's health information collected through the HealthKit APIs to advertising platforms, data brokers or information resellers."  This could help to appease concerns over the privacy of that data Apple collects in its new venture into health. 

Stop! Saying “Digital”, Portal Group Healthcare- We have a soft spot for pieces on digital marketing in pharma.  This piece outlines some of the challenges of digital in healthcare.  No surprise here, regulatory restrictions are on the list.  The rest of the list includes the content quality versus content quantity conundrum as well as pharmacovigilance and side effect monitoring.  The endgame: “Just like nobody says ‘digital broadcasting’ anymore, we won’t need to say ‘digital marketing’ one day.”  Be prepared for it to simply be known as “digital”.

Patient Engagement: The Unifying Link in Telehealth, mHealth News- We’re seeing health products come from some unlikely sources as of late.  You can add Phillips to that list thanks to their new partnership with Sales Force on their Hospital to Homes program.  Phillips hopes to use the salesforce platform to pull health information such as electronic medical records, data from monitoring equipment and even from some of the new mHealth solutions hitting the market.  The idea is that patients and providers alike can then use that information to better develop more effective personalized care plans.  Says Manu Varma, VP of Marketing and Strategy for Hospital to Home, "I think healthcare has been buried in just trying to digitize itself…This goes further."  The platform is slated to launch this year.

Why Might Amazon Be Meeting With the FDA? mobihealthnews- Amazon is new to the smartphone game.  Based on recent developments from Apple, Google and Microsoft, it’s looking more and more like that particular game is requiring built in aggregators for health and fitness data.  While the exact reason for the meeting is unknown, many are speculating that it is somehow tied to a HealthKit-like offering.   Other possible reasons?  The idea of a wearable device for healthcare in Amazon’s future is certainly plausible.

Citation Needed: Pharma Needs to Make the Most of Wikipedia, PMLive- Wikipedia currently stands as the sixth most trafficked site in the world with most health related pages earning millions of views every year.  With half of doctors now using the site for information, some feel that pharma needs to be more proactive in managing the quality of the info on the site.  The latest FDA guidances encourage companies to make changes to any third party information that needs to be corrected but they’re not held responsible for it.  While some organizations are taking proactive steps in managing these pages (Cancer Research UK plans to hire a resident Wikipedian) there stands room for improvement in terms of correcting the information available. 

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