Friday, August 22, 2014

#ePharma Buzz- 8/22

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Hidden behind a layer of ice bucket challenges this week were a few good reads on #ePharma.  We got our hands dirty and sifted through our news feeds from the last seven days to generate a list of the most noteworthy industry pieces.  

How Can Pharmaceutical Companies Build Closer Relationships With Social Patients?Medical Marketing & Media- In a new study, more than half of patients who are active on social indicated they would be “very likely” to share manufacturer provided information about new treatments.  Only 17% of the respondents said they would not be likely to share the info.  But if you’re trying to reach this group with your latest content, social may not be the best route. Almost all (91%) prefer email when receiving updates from manufacturers.  Does this mean we should all go hit our mailing lists with the latest company whitepapers? Not necessarily.  Says Jeff Greene, “Know your target and meet their needs using channels they prefer.”

Study: How Patients Want to Communicate with Their Physician, TechnologyAdvice- Studies have shown patients are willing to engage with doctors via mobile and digital platforms but don't confuse that willingness for a preference.  According to a recent study, 42.9% of patients would rather be contacted by phone while only 38.7% want to be contacted digitally (either online or through email).  When it comes to receiving lab results, even fewer patients (32.7%) prefer to get the news through digital means.  What should come as no surprise is that age was a factor in these results. Of those 18-24, 63.6% indicated they would prefer using an online calendar to schedule appointments while every age group above 35 showed a preference for over-the-phone scheduling.   

How Google Searches Can Help Determine Population Health, HealthcareDive­- New research from The New York Times shows that Google searches in places considered “hard” to live differ greatly from other areas.  The study showed those searches often include medicine and basic health information.  As stakeholders across the industry start to leverage “non-traditional” data in risk assessment, this may be another variable they should look to leverage.  While the study from The New York Times is admittedly rough, the potential appears to be there.

Digital Transformation Moves Pharma 'Beyond the Pill', Forbes- “The pharma companies are trying to figure out what to do. The competitors are the generics: identical and cheaper. The pharmas have to provide value beyond the drug itself,” says Erik Pilkington of McCann Health.  Most of these services are digital including wellness programs and chronic disease management platforms.  There’s a popular belief that in the future, pharma will be paid on patient outcomes as opposed to pills and these value adds could be one more step in that direction. 

What Do Patients Want in Mobile Health, World of DTC Marketing- Rich Meyer explains that what patients want and need in mHealth apps is actually quite different than what marketers believe they want.  Based on some of his research, the top priority for patients is both the ability to schedule medical appointments and keep all their health records stored in one place.  Could this make patients too independent?  It’s a concern shared by 42% of doctors. 

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