Friday, August 15, 2014

#ePharma Buzz- 8/15

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There were a lot of “Out of office” messages turned on this week.  That said, we understand if you missed a thing or two in the world of #ePharma.  As always, we have it covered and put together a few of the pieces you may want to catch up on from the week that was.
Users engaged more with cancer-focused Facebook pages than other health pages, MobilHealthNews- Aditi Pai (@aditipai) explains the results of a recently published paper dissecting the health information available on Facebook.  A team from Harvard and Stanford took the 20 most searched for health terms on Google and examined the top 50 communities for each condition on Facebook.  In their analysis of the nearly 22 million likes across the group of pages, the team found that a far majority, 86.9%, came from cancer and breast cancer related pages.  Other research has also shown cancer patients to be very active in looking for information online. 

Healthcare Professionals Not Stuck in Stone Age, Use Mobile, eMarketer- Pharma marketers want to reach doctors online, but what devices are they spending their time on? According to eMarketer, physicians are still spending the most time on good old-fashioned computers by a wide margin with 81% using them for professional reasons for at least an hour daily.  The research shows tablet adoption to be lagging in this group with 38% ignoring them altogether.  In case you missed it this week, we've got some more juicy numbers on mobile health for you. 

GSK Re-launches COPD Website, PMLive- We've seen several different digital ventures out of pharma companies including Lilly’s attempt at gamification and Pfizer’s new spin on aging.  Recently, GSK launched a redesigned site aimed to serve as a community for those suffering from the respiratory condition chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  The new site provides interactive tools, testimonials and tips for those dealing with the disease.

Infographic: Primary Care Physicians Use of Digital, advertisinghealth- The million dollar question: Where are doctors spending time online?  As far as Rx brand sites are concerned, the answer is Victoza.  On the company side, if you happen to work for Pfizer, according to this report everyone else is looking up at you in terms of digital capabilities.   

Pharma Digital Marketing Stuck in a Rut- Many would agree with Brian Shields’ (@MrPug94) sentiment that in a lot of respects, pharma marketing is stuck in some of its old ways.  Brian lays out seven reasons why that might be.  Among those reasons: Clogging the same channels.  He writes that of many of the popular channels, ”their effectiveness has decreased over the years with the growth in mobile online viewing and social media. Sadly, you could copy most pharma online ad budgets from 8 years ago and past them into the 2015 planning deck.”

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