Monday, August 4, 2014

The Week in #ePharma- 8/4

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Searching under #ePharma will bring up some of the best information out there on digital health and digital pharma marketing.  However, not all of that information makes its way into CNN or Fox News so it's easy to miss a thing or two.  No need to stress, we've taken the liberty of collecting some of the best pieces in #ePharma over the last seven days.  

Beyond the Buzz: 14 Unwritten Rules of Healthcare Tweeting, HealthWorks Collective- Used correctly, Twitter can be a great way to both share and consume healthcare information.  Marie Ennis-O'Connor (@JBBC) outlines some of the proper etiquette for tweeting intelligently in healthcare.   Her number one rule? Be polite at all times...please. 

Transformers: Age of Digital: eMarketer- If you're a marketer then you love data.  In this article, eMarketer presents some fresh new data on digital for you to sink your teeth into.  The research defined digital transformation as “the realignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models to more effectively engage digital customers at every touchpoint in the customer experience life-cycle."  The results of the survey found that 88% of US digital strategists are currently undergoing such transformation.  

Halamka: Time is Right for Patient-generated Data, Care Traffic Controllers Needed, MobilHealthNews- Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, recently in the news for being ahead of the curve as far as wearables, is now preparing to harvest data from consumer devices like Fitbit and store it in their EHR.  Hospital CIO and emergency room physician Jonh Halamka (@JHalamka) says the time is perfect to start leveraging this type of data.  “I now have from a $100 device a complete understanding of activity of daily living and my basic functions as a human. That’s a maturity of technology and consumerization and ease of use that just didn't exist until recent history,” explained Halamka. 

Digital Resources – Bridging the Gap Between HCP Demand and Pharma Supply, EPG Health Media BlogEPG Health Media (@EPGHealthMedia) recently published data that sheds some light on why companies are struggling with digital as a way to revolutionize marketing.  One of the key findings states that "HCPs expect pharma to provide funding and, to a lesser extent input, for online resources." Of the 300 plus healthcare professionals surveyed, 81% believe that pharma companies should be making some kind of investment in patient education tools. 

The Hardest Part of mHealth, Government Health IT- It wouldn't be a true week in ePharma without some kind of commentary on mHealth.  This piece states that the biggest problem within mHealth is not with the technology, but with consumers willingness to utilize the tools regularly.  Explains Nanette Byrnes (@nanettebyrnes), “Though one in 10 Americans owns the type of tracking device made by Nike, Fitbit, and Jawbone to monitor steps taken, quality of sleep, or calorie intake, more than half of those devices are no longer in use."  Byrnes blames poor ease of use of many of these apps as one of the driving factors behind this. 

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