Monday, September 8, 2014

FDAs Guidances Stir Conversation, Uncertainty Among Marketers

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The FDA’s latest draft guidances on social media certainly had people talking but according a recent survey, many remain on different pages on exactly what the impact of those guidances will be.  In the survey of digital healthcare marketers, conducted by the DHC, most agreed that the door remains open to communicate with patients and health pros through Twitter, however there was a disconnect on the exact impact of those guidances.

When asked about the guidance’s impact on internal conversation over the use of Twitter, 71% agreed that it helped to increase the discussion.  The far majority also agreed that the latest developments “leave the door open” to communicate through Twitter with health pros (79%) and patients (86%). 

Although many acknowledge the possibility still remains, not all felt the latest guidances would necessarily encourage this type of communication.

FDA Draft guidances social media digital health marketers
Source: Digital Health Coalition 

Creating a compelling tweet with a 140 character boundary provides a challenge to even the most effective wordsmiths.  With the addition of the regulatory considerations mentioned in these guidances, that task becomes exponentially more difficult.

When asked about adding features to mediums with character spaces limitations, the list provided by the respondents included the following:

• Embedded video patient education
• Persistent companion banner or video or other to prominently display required/legal text for compliance purposes
• Click-to-call
• One standard link and language to the FULL product label at the end of the Tweet –would be adopted by all and standardize the experience—helping followers

The full report from the DHC can be found here.

You can hear directly from the FDA on their social guidances at ePharma West, September 22-24 in San Francisco. Download the agenda to see what else is on tap.

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