Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Empowered State of the Digital Patient

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Today’s patient is empowered to take control of their own health in more ways than ever before.  Between the availability of information online, mobile health apps and the prevalence of wearables, not only are patients given more ways to manage their health, but healthcare providers can now communicate with them in a variety of ways. 

CDW Healthcare looked at the ways in which digital patients are staying educated prior to a doctor’s visit: 

       86% of patients are doing their own research and conducting health related searches before scheduling a doctor’s appointment
       Half of all patients who perform this type of search ultimately schedule an appointment
       More than a third of Americans use some type of social media to research their conditions
       41% say that social media impacts their choice of healthcare providers

And following a medical appointment: 

         •    88% of physicians would like patients to monitor their health at home
         •    One-third of patients have used a portal to connect with doctors
         •    Most of those patients are satisfied with these portals. 70% say it’s a convenient way to communicate          with physicians
         •    64% Would access their medical records online if their doctor provided this type of portal
         •    After being prescribed medication, 60% continue to do more research to understand them better—and          ultimately decide whether or not they’ll fill them

We’ll have more on the latest in digital trends in healthcare at ePharma West, September 22-24, San Francisco, CA. Download the agenda to see what’s on tap. 

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