Friday, September 19, 2014

ePharma Buzz- 9/19

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Another week, another full slate of news in the field of digital pharma.  As we gear up for ePharma West starting Monday in San Francisco, we thought it was only appropriate to include a few pieces from the Silicon Valley this week. Enjoy.  

Silicon Valley Struggles to Speak FDA's Language, ABC News- Tech giants have routinely disrupted a number of industries in recent memory.  One industry that may prove to put up a fight is healthcare and the FDA is the main reason.  Says Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin, "Health is just so heavily regulated...It's just a painful business to be in." The FDA has said it will regulate apps that collect medical information, so tech companies may not be coming and going into this space as freely as they’d like. Does this mean a few more flights between the FDA headquarters and Silicon Valley?

Google Glass Could Help Surgeons Spot Complications Sooner, mobihealthnews- A new study from Stanford shows that Google Glass may have the ability to help surgeons monitor vital signs more closely during surgery and ultimately prevent complications.  Using a technology called VitalStream, surgeons are able to view vital signs directly in front of their face during surgery and monitor them throughout.  A follow up study from physicians performing simulated procedures with the technology found that 64% believed it increased their situational awareness.

Seven Steps to Innovating Your Digital Strategy, PMLive- A recent survey revealed that digital strategy is projected to be pharma’s biggest issue for 2014.  This is perhaps troubling considering we’re at a defining point where the majority of physicians are beginning to rely on digital interaction.  It’s estimated that the number of doctors in the UK having qualified to practice medicine in the digital period is now greater than the number qualified in the preceding period.  In this article, Chris Ross outlines a seven step process to getting digital full implemented into your pharma strategy.  The first step? Think about starting at the top and working down. 

Is the Healthcare Industry Digitally Fit?, Capegemini Consulting- The answer to that question is getting closer and closer to “yes” as time goes on.  According to this survey, the group of healthcare providers that is considered “digitally mature” is finding a variety of ways to leverage digital.  Most (84%) are investing in building digital skills while another 84% feel digital gives them an integrated view of customer data. 

AstraZeneca Sends James Van Der Beek 'Camping' to Promote Flu Vaccination, Fierce Pharma Marketing- FierceMarkets got to play the role of TMZ and interview James Van Der Beek about his new role as a flu vaccination spokesperson.  Astrazeneca produces the only needle-free, four strain flu vaccine and the company is making every effort to make that know—including employing the former Dawson’s Creek star.  He’s partnered with the drug company to produce a series of videos, infographics and radio content.  These pieces will help to debunk some of the common myths in flu prevention including the idea that traditional flu shots are the only way that patients can protect themselves. 

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